Always Innovating


Although we’re built on traditional tastes and age-old cooking methods, Zaks is always finding new ways to connect with customers.



The Zaks story is a simple one. We’re here to do it better.

We all love the outdoors, clear skies, and that perfect snack. For many of us, thats beef jerky. However, like many staple foods, often once you’ve had one — you’ve had them all. In that, we saw an opportunity…

Zaks was formed to provide that shot in the arm to the meat snack category. Using leaner, more tender cuts of beef we’ve changed the quality you expect from a meat snack. Further, our traditional hand-cutting and smoking methods ensure the product you’re eating has been prepared with the utmost care and precision. Couple that with our unique secret marinating process, using our Zaks signature recipes, and you’ve got a lineup of premium meat snacks with unprecedented flavour and quality.

So that’s what we’re about — great beef, and no bull. Just a team of honest, hard working people, out to make a one-of-a-kind snack that stands out from the herd.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy making it for you.


What We Offer

Canadian company

Zaks is a Canadian company focused on providing healthy, hearty protein snacks — that both taste great, and are good for you. Both the Zaks and Butcher lines are proud to be supporting fellow Canadians.

Premium ingredients

Our commitment to providing wholesome, delicious meat snacks is evident in everything we do. Using only top-cut meats, and the finest spices and marinades — you can taste the difference in every bite.

The Zaks Team

With our dedicated Customer Service team, professional on-site sales reps, and experienced Sales and Management team — you can rest assured you’re always in good hands, and support is always at your fingertips.