Premium Steak Strips

Availability: Canada, USA

Made with tender cuts of 97% lean muscle beef, and marinated in our Zaks’ signature recipes — this snack is unlike any other. Known for its natural, hand-cut appearance and bold flavour, there’s a reason this product is what we built our name on.

Canadian specs: 70g 3-pack – Original, Teriyaki, Sweet Chili, Peppered, Garlic, Habanero

USA specs: 2.8oz 3-pack – Original, Teriyaki, Sweet Chili, Peppered


Smoked Landjaeger Sausage

Availability: Canada, USA

This gourmet sausage is crafted in traditional bavarian fashion, but with the flavour kicked up a notch. Using natural smoking methods and premium ingredients each Landjaeger recipe delivers its own unique taste– rich and meaty lean protein, with no oily residue.

Canadian specs: 100g 3-pack – Original, Red Hot, Garlic

USA specs: 3.5oz 3-pack – Original, Red Hot, Garlic


Premium Slab Jerky

Availability: USA (Canada coming soon!)

Looking for a natural snack without compromise? Look no further. Traditional slabs of lean muscle jerky, smoked and spiced to perfection, make for an on-the-go snack that’s hard to beat. Sold in a bulk format, just like your local butcher shop — this product will please any traditional jerky enthusiast.

Canadian specs: Coming Soon

USA specs: Sold by piece – Original, Teriyaki


Premium Cut Bag Jerky

Availability: USA (Canada coming soon!)

Few things satisfy like a big bag of beef jerky! Zaks ‘Big Bag’ jerky products are no exception. A re-sealable bag full of tender, lean cuts of beef spiced, sliced and smoked to perfection make for an irresistible snack you can’t put down.

Canadian specs: Coming Soon

USA specs: 5.85oz ‘Big Bag’ – Original, Teriyaki